Compatibility: 5.0+
Purpose: Loads a TSR into upper  memory (before starting AUTOEXEC.BAT).

Uses: Same as INSTALL=, but attempts to load into any available UMB.

Syntax: INSTALLHIGH=[d:][path]filename.ext [progParms]


This command is identical to INSTALL=, except that it attempts to load the
program into upper memory, if any is available.

Unlike DEVICEHIGH= and Loadhigh, INSTALLHIGH= does not support /L or /S,
so there is no way to specify a particular region of memory for the TSR;
thus, Memmaker will not be able to optimize the use of this command.

Since INSTALLHIGH= commands are executed after all device drivers are
loaded, and since Memmaker cannot optimize it, and since the command is
undocumented, it is probably best to load TSRs via Loadhigh in your

See Also: INSTALL=
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