IMUL             Integer Multiply, Signed            Flags: O D I T S Z A P C
*       ? ? ? ? *
IMUL source

Logic:    AX      AL * source          ; if source is a byte
DX:AX   AX * source          ; if source is a word

IMUL performs signed multiplication. If source is a byte, IMUL
multiplies source by AL, returning the product in AX. If source is a
word, IMUL multiplies source by AX, returning the product in DX:AX.
The Carry Flag and Overflow Flag are set if the upper half of the
result (AH for a byte source, DX for a word source) contains any
significant digits of the product, otherwise they are cleared.

Operands                  Clocks   Transfers  Bytes   Example
reg8                      80-98        -        2     IMUL CL
reg16                    128-154       -        2     IMUL BX
mem8                  (86-104) + EA    1       2-4    IMUL BITE
mem16                 (138-164) + EA   1       2-4    IMUL WORD[BP][DI]

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IMUL Integer Multiply, Signed