GROUP            Define Segment Group                          MASM Directive

name      GROUP     segmentname,,,

Causes the assembler to associate name with one or more segments, so
that all labels and variables defined in those segments have their
offsets computed relative to the beginning of name.

Notes:     The name argument must be unique, and the segmentName
argument must be a segment previously defined with a
SEGMENT directive or a SEG expression.

A group's segments need not be contiguous.  Segments not
belonging to the group can be loaded between segments
that do.  There is a restriction in that the first byte
of the first segment in the group must not be greater
than 65,535 bytes away from the last byte of the last
segment of the group.  This means that if all the
segments of a group are contiguous, a group can be no
larger than 65,536 bytes, or 64K.

The name argument must not be in any other GROUP
directive in any source file.

The group name can be used in any ASSUME directive
statements and can also be used with segment overrides.

See also: SEGMENT
See also: SEG

GROUP Define Segment Group