These are the printer control codes for IBM/Epson - compatible printers.

Hex Dec  Description
07    7  (BEL) sounds a beep
09    9  (HT) move to next tab stop  (See ESC D)
0a   10  (LF) Linefeed: moves the paper up on line
0b   11  (VT) feed lines to next vertical tab stop (See ESC B)
0c   12  (FF) Formfeed: advance to top of page (See ESC C)
0d   13  (CR) Carriage Return: prints line (no linefeed)
0e   14  start DOUBLE-WIDTH printing (ends on CR or LF.  See ESC W)
0f   15  start COMPRESSED mode printing
11   17  select printer
12   18  end COMPRESSED mode printing
13   19  deselect printer
14   20  end DOUBLE WIDTH printing
18   24  (CAN) clears the printer buffer
1b   27  (ESC) lead-in code for multi-character sequences (See below)
7f  127  (DEL) clears the printer buffer

These ESC sequences are arranged by rough functional groups.  Values shown
in the form  n  indicate binary codes.

ASCII      Hex          Description
Fonts / Print Options
ESC -  1   1b 2d 01     begin UNDERLINE
ESC -  0   1b 2d 00     end underline

ESC E      1b 45        start EMPHASIZED-MODE printing
ESC F      1b 46        end emphasized-mode printing

ESC G      1b 47        start DOUBLE-STRIKE printing
ESC H      1b 48        end double-strike printing

ESC S  0   1b 53 00     start SUPERSCRIPT printing
ESC S  1   1b 53 01     start SUBSCRIPT printing
ESC T      1b 54        end Superscript or Subscript printing

ESC W  1   1b 57 01     start DOUBLE-WIDTH printing (not canceled by LF)
ESC W  0   1b 57 00     end double-width printing

ESC 6      1b 36        select character set 2
ESC 7      1b 37        select character set 1

Line Spacing / Page Length
ESC 0      1b 30        8 LPI: start 1/8-inch line height
ESC 1      1b 31        start 7/72-inch line height

ESC 3  n   1b 33 xx     set variable line spacing to  n /216-inch
ESC J  n   1b 4a xx     set line height to  n /216-inch for next LF (0aH)
ESC 2      1b 32        execute variable-height line feed (See ESC A) also
6 LPI: set 1/6" line height (if no prior ESC 2)
ESC A  n   1b 41 xx     select a line height of  n /72-inch.
(this is a one-shot linefeed triggered by ESC 2)

ESC C  n   1b 43 xx     set lines per page to n (0-7fH)
ESC N  n   1b 4e xx     set skip perforation to  n  lines
ESC O      1b 4f        cancel perforation skip

ESC 8      1b 38        ignore end of paper
ESC 9      1b 39        cancel ignore end of paper
ESC <      1b 3c        home head
ESC U  1   1b 55 01     start uni-directional printing
ESC U  0   1b 55 00     start bi-directional printing

ESC B  n..0             set VERTICAL TAB STOPS (send ESC B followed by a
1b 42 xx..00    series of binary values, ending in a byte of 0)
ESC D  n..0             set HORIZONTAL TAB STOPS (send ESC D followed by a
1b 44 xx..00    series of binary values, ending in a byte of 0)

ESC K  n1  n2   480-dot bit-image grafix.  Print n1+(256*n2) bytes
1b 4b xx xx yy..yy   (top dot for bit 0, bottom dot for bit 7)

ESC L ...  1b 4c ...    960-dot graphics--slow mode (See ESC K, ESC Y)

ESC Y ...  1b 59 ...    960-dot bit-image graphics--fast mode  (See ESC K)
(can't print in consecutive dot positions)
ESC Z ...  1b 59 ...    1920-dot bit-image graphics (See ESC K for format)
(can print only every third consecutive dot)

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Epson/IBM Printer Control Codes