One field of the EgaSavePtrRec points to an EgaGfxFontRec.  Initially,
this structure does not exist, but it may be installed by DOS national
language support or other TSR code.

This structure affects how characters are drawn when using the BIOS
interface to display character while in a graphics mode.  Most software
that displays text in graphics mode avoid the sluggish BIOS interface--so
this structure is used rarely.

Offset Size Contents
+0      1  bAplcblRows  use when video mode has this many text lines
+1      2  wLenOneChar  size, in bytes, of one character definition
+3      4  pfabDefTbl   far address of the font definition table.
The table is a set of wCharCnt bitmaps, each
containing bLenOneChar bytes (usually 8 or 14).
See INT 1FH for related info.
+7      n  abModes      use for these video modes (variable-length table)
+n+7    1  ffH          ffH indicates end of abModes table
n+8               size of an EgaGfxFontRec

- -