.ERRIDN          Error If Strings Are Identical                MASM Directive

.ERRIDN   <string1>,<string2>

Forces a fatal error if the two strings (which may be names, numbers,
or expressions) match character for character.

Notes:     The comparison is case-sensitive.

The angle brackets must be included and the 2 strings
must be separated by a comma.

The error message that may be generated by this
directive is 'Forced error - strings identical', which
is error number 96.

If an error is generated, the object module is deleted
and the assembler exits with an exit code of 7.

This directive is often used to test parameters passed
to macro definitions.

See also: .ERRDIF
See also: IFIDN
See also: IFDIF

.ERRIDN Error If Strings Are Identical