EQU              Create Symbol                                 MASM Directive

name      EQU       expression

Creates absolute symbols (names that represent 16-bit values), aliases
(names that represent other symbols), or text symbols (names that
represent strings) by assigning name to expression.

The expression parameter may be any of the following:

*     integer (234)
*     string constant ('abc')
*     real number (3.23)
*     encoded real number (2F0000000000r)
*     instruction mnemonic (mov ax, 1)
*     constant expression (23 * 4)
*     address expression  (arrayPtr)

Notes:     The name parameter must not have been previously defined
and may not be redefined.

If expression evaluates to a number between 0 and 65535,
the assembler replaces name with a value. In all other
cases, the assembler replaces name with text.

See also: =
See also: LABEL

EQU Create Symbol