INT 10H BIOS video services                                 BIOS/Hardware  
CGA    MDA    EGA    VGA    SVGA  video system submenus

Video Font Definition (and dynamic character redefinition)
06H console input and output (no-wait input)
02H and 40H (BX=1 or 2) display one character
09H and 40H (BX=1 or 2) display a string of characters

440cH 5fH set display mode (e.g., 50-line mode on VGA)
440cH 7fH query display information

INT 2fH 1a00H             see if ANSI.SYS is installed
ANSI Escape Sequences     move cursor; cls; set screen colors, etc.
National Language Support font downloading
MENUCOLOR=                set screen color in MultiConfig Menus
INT 2fH 40xxH             Enh386-mode Windows Virtual Display services

Display Functions