This tells the driver to process an "generic IOCTL" request.  These have a
variety of uses, ranging from setting up code page fonts to formatting a
hard disk.

Offset Size Contents
+0      1  bLen         17H (length of this request packet)
+1      1  bUnitNo      unit number (block drivers only)
+2      1  bCmd         13H (command code)
+3      2  rStatus      OUTPUT: Device Status Word must fill before exit
+5H     8  res          (reserved)
+0dH     1  bCategory    INPUT: device category
+0eH     1  bMinorCode   INPUT: minor code
+0fH     4  lRes         (reserved)
+13H     4  pfIoctlData  addr of IOCTL data structure to process
23               size of this structure

rStatus  On exit, the driver must place a DevStatusWord here.  Always
set the Done bit (bit 8).  On an error, set the Done bit and
the Error bit (bit 15) and put a Device Error Code in the low

bCategory  is the device category as passed in CH from DOS 440cH or 440dH
(Generic IOCTL fns):
01H=COMn (DOS 3.3+)
03H=console (screen + keyboard) (DOS 3.3+)
05H=parallel printer (DOS 3.2+)

bMinorCode  is a subfn code, as passed in CL from DOS 440cH (Generic IOCTL
for Character Devices):
45H (set iteration count)             3.3+
4aH (select a prepared code page)     3.3+
4cH (begin preparing a code page)     3.3+
4dH (done preparing a code page)      3.3+
5fH (set display information)         4.0+
65H (query retry iteration count)     3.3+
6aH (query active code page)          3.3+
6bH (get list of prepared code pages) 3.3+
7fH (query display information)       4.0+

or a subfn code, as passed in CL from DOS 440dH (Generic IOCTL
for Block Devices):
40H (set device parameters)           3.2+
41H (write track)                     3.2+
42H (format and verify track)         3.2+
46H (set media ID)                    4.0+
47H (set disk access flag)            4.0 only
60H (get device parameters)           3.2+
61H (read track)                      3.2+
62H (verify track)                    3.2+
66H (query media ID)                  4.0+
67H (query disk access flag)          4.0 only
68H (sense media type)                5.0+

pfIoctlData  is the address of structure containing the data you'll need to
process the request.  See:

Notes:   Only device drivers capable of handling generic IOCTL requests
need support this request (see Device Attribute bit 6).

  The driver must interpret the bCategory and bMinorCode fields
in order to understand the request and the layout of the data
(if any) at pfIoctlData.

  Drivers may support a subset of the generic IOCTL services.
See DvRq 19H and DOS fn 4410H and 4411H (query IOCTL support).

See Also: Device Requests
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Device Request 13H: Generic IOCTL Request