When a device driver receives an invalid request or encounters an error
during operation, the Device Status Word error bit (bit 15) should be set
and one of the following error codes should be placed in the low 8 bits
of the rStatus field of the DevRequestHdrRec.

Err  Description                      Err  Description
00H  write protect violation          09H  printer out of paper
01H  unknown unit                     0aH  write fault
02H  device not ready                 0bH  read fault
03H  unknown command                  0cH  general failure
04H  CRC error                        0dH  (reserved)
05H  bad request structure length     0eH  (reserved)
06H  seek error                       0fH  invalid disk change (DOS 3.0+)
07H  unknown media                   
08H  sector not found                

Note: These codes are propagate around the system and show up in
INT 24H (Critical Error Handler), and as DOS Error Codes returned
by various DOS functions and fn 59H.

When returned by DOS to an application, 13H has been added to the
code (for instance, if the driver returns 06H, DOS returns 19H to
the application.

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Device Driver Errors