Compatibility: 2.1+
Purpose: Modifies the settings of a DOS-internal device driver to support
non-standard diskette drives.

Uses:   Force DOS to treat drive B as a 720K (3л-inch) disk drive.
  Fix a problem in which DOS or an application does not notice
that you have inserted a different diskette (especially pre-
formatted and INSTALL diskettes).

Syntax: DRIVPARM= /D:drvNo [/F:n] [/H:hds][/T:trks][/S:sects][/C][/I][/N]


/D:drvNo is required. It is the physical drive number (0=A,1=B,2=C,etc.).

/F:n specifies a "form factor"; that is, drive type (default=2):
0 = 160/180K format (single-sided)
0 = 320/360K format (double-sided)
1 = 1.2M high-capacity drive
2 = 720K (3л-inch) format
5 = Hard disk
6 = Tape
7 = 1.44 MB (3л-inch) format
8 = read/write optical disk
9 = 2.88 MB (3л- inch) format

/C indicates that the drive can detect when the door is closed.
/I specifies to include internal support code to handle the drive.
You need this if your ROM BIOS does not directly support 3л-inch
/N specifies that drvNo is non-removable (fixed disk).

/H:hds specifies the number of read/write heads.
/T:trks specifies the number of tracks per side.
/S:sects specifies the number of sectors per track.

The defaults for /H, /T, and /S depend on the /F setting.

  TECH Notes  

  This uses DOS fn 440dH 40H (generic IOCTL--set device parameters) to
modify the BPB of the specified diskette driver.

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