Compatibility: 3.3+
Expects: AX    6602H
BX    code page to activate
Returns: AX    error code if CF is set to CY
Info: Activates a specified global code page (character set).

Before a code page can be selected for a device, the device must
be prepared for code page switching, including:

  DEVICE= in CONFIG.SYS to install a code-page aware device

  The Nlsfunc DOS command must be memory resident.

  The Mode CP Prep command used to prepare the device (or a
series of IOCTL fn calls that prepare the driver).

The requested code page must be compatible with the country code
specified in COUNTRY= command in CONFIG.SYS.

DOS must be able to locate COUNTRY.SYS (a file that contains all
kinds of NLS info).  It will look in the root of the boot drive
and perhaps elsewhere.

See Also: fn 6601H (query active code page)
- -

DOS Fn 6602H: Activate Code Page