Compatibility: 3.3+
Expects: AX    6506H
BX    Code Page (0ffffH = current code page for console)
CX    size of data to return (must be >= 5)
ES:DI address of buffer to receive the table address
Returns: AX    error code if CF is set to CY
ES:DI buffer is filled with 5 bytes of return information
Info: Returns the address of a table containing the collating weights
of all characters for the specified country and code page.  This
is used in sorting strings of text that contain international

Upon return ES:DI points to a 5-byte structure.  The first byte
is a table identifier (06H) and the next 4 bytes are a 32-bit
address in standard address format (offset, then segment).

At that address is up to 258 bytes of data.  The first two bytes
describe the length of the table in bytes.  That is followed by a
character array containing 256 elements.  Each element is the
collating weight of the corresponding character code.  For
instance, characters such as Г,Д,Е,О, and П all have the same
weight as 'A' and 'a'.

- -

DOS Fn 6506H: Get Collating Sequence Table