Compatibility: 3.3+
Expects: AX    6501H
BX    Code Page (0ffffH = current code page for console)
CX    size of data to return (>=29H to get all of the data)
ES:DI address of buffer to receive an ExtCountryInfoRec
Returns: AX    error code if CF is set to CY
ES:DI buffer is filled with return information
Info: Returns country-dependant information, including time and date
format, currency symbol, etc.

See ExtCountryInfoRec for a layout of the returned information.

Notes:   The buffer size value in CX must be at least 5.  If it's less
than the size of an ExtCountryInfoRec, then only part of the
structure is filled.

  Fn 38H also returns country-specific information in a somewhat
different format.

- -

DOS Fn 6501H: Get Extended Country Information