Compatibility: 3.1+
Expects: AX    5f04H
DS:SI addr of ASCIIZ  device name to disconnect
Returns: AX    error code if CF is set to CY
Info: Deletes the connection between a local drive ID or device name
and the network.  The specified device reverts to its original
(local) meaning.

The string at DS:SI can be one of:

  The drive letter of a redirected drive, followed by a colon
(e.g., "D:",0).  This discontinues local access to that network
drive and the drive ID reverts to it local meaning.

  The name of a printer (e.g., "LPT1",0).  This discontinues
local access to that network printer and that device name
reverts to its local meaning as a physical device.

  A string starting with 2 backslashes (e.g.,
"\\SERVER\FILES",0).  This would be used when a null drive ID
was used when the connection was made (see fn 5f03H).

Notes:   Network redirection is normally handled by system-level
utilities rather than application programs.

- -

DOS Fn 5f04H: Delete Network Connection