Compatibility: 3.3+
Expects: AX    440cH
BX    file handle  (device or disk file)
CL    65H
CH    device category: 00H=unknown
01H=COMn (DOS 3.3+)
03H=console (screen + keyboard) (DOS 3.3+)
05H=parallel printer (DOS 3.2+)
DS:DX Addr of a 16-bit word to receive the current retry count.
Returns: AX    error code  if CF is set to CY
DS:DX buffer contains the retry count (if no error)
Info: Sets the number of times the device driver should try to send
output to the device before assuming that the device is busy.

DS:DX points to a 2-byte buffer.  Upon return, the buffer
contains the current 16-bit retry count.

Notes:   This is used only for printer drivers that support "Output
until Busy".  See Device Requests.

  This setting is global.  Before changing it (via, 440CH 65H),
you should use this fn to obtain the current value.  Change it
back before exiting.

See Also: Fn 44H (IOCTL)
Fn 440cH (generic IOCTL for character devices)
Fn 440cH 45H (set retry iteration count)
- -

DOS Fn 440cH CL=65H: IOCTL Query Retry Iteration Count