Compatibility: 4.0+
Expects: AX    440cH
BX    file handle  (device or disk file; 0001H=std output)
CL    5fH
CH    03H (device category: console)
DS:DX Addr of an IoctlDisplayModeRec describing desired mode
Returns: AX    error code  if CF is set to CY
Info: Sets the console screen display mode (including selecting the
width in columns and height in lines)

Before calling, you must preset the IoctlDisplayModeRec
bInfoLevel field to 00H and the wDataLen field to 0eH (14).

This fn works only if the ANSI.SYS (or equivalent) device driver
is loaded.

When an unsupported mode is requested, AX returns with 0005H
(access denied).

See Also: Fn 44H (IOCTL)
Fn 440cH (generic IOCTL for character devices)
INT 2FH 1a00H (query ANSI.SYS installed state)
- -

DOS Fn 440cH CL=5Fh: IOCTL Set Display Mode