Compatibility: 3.3+
Expects: AX    440cH
BX    file handle  (device or disk file)
CL    45H
CH    device category: 00H=unknown
01H=COMn (DOS 3.3+)
03H=console (screen + keyboard) (DOS 3.3+)
05H=parallel printer (DOS 3.2+)
DS:DX addr of a 16-bit word containing the desired number of
Returns: AX    error code  if CF is set to CY
Info: Sets the number of times the device driver is to try to send
output to the device before assuming that the device is busy.

DS:DX points to a 2-byte buffer that contains a 16-bit value
specifying the desired number of retries.

Notes:   This is used only for printer drivers that support
"Output Until Busy".  See Device Requests and DvRq 10H.

  This setting is system/global.  Before changing it, you should
use fn 440CH 65H to obtain the current value.  Change it back
before exiting.

See Also: Fn 44H (IOCTL)
Fn 440cH (generic IOCTL for character devices)
Fn 440cH 65H (query retry iteration count)
- -

DOS Fn 440cH CL=45H: IOCTL Set Retry Iteration Count