Compatibility: 2.0+
Expects: AX    3301H
DL    desired break level (0=OFF, 1=ON)
Returns: none
Info: Sets the DOS break-checking level to the value in DL.

When Break is ON (DL=1), DOS checks for Ctrl-Break (or Ctrl+C)
from the console during most functions (except 06H and 07H).
When detected, INT 23H is executed (if INT 23H has not been
intercepted, this will abort the process).

When Break is OFF, DOS checks for Ctrl-Break during standard I/O,

Notes:   The Break flag is a system-global setting.  If you change it,
you should restore the original value before exiting.

See Also: Fn 3300H (query break-checking state)
Fn 0bH (get input status)
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DOS Fn 3301H: Set Break-check Level