Compatibility: 1.0+
Expects: AH    27H
DS:DX address of an opened FCB
CX    number of records to read
Returns: AL    0 if read was successful and DTA is filled with data
1 if EOF was reached and no data was read
2 if DTA + FCB (RecSize * CX) would overrun a segment
3 if EOF and a partial record was read (padded with 0s)
CX    actual number of records read
Info: Reads multiple records from the file starting at the file address
specified by the randomRec field of the FCB.  Stores the data
into memory starting at the DTA. Reads (FCB recSize*CX) bytes
from the file.

The randomRec and curBlk and curRec fields are adjusted to point
to the next record (the first record that wasn't read).

See Also: Fn 3fH (read file via handle)
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DOS Fn 27H: Read Random File Block