Compatibility: 1.0+
Expects: AH    16H
DS:DX address of an unopened FCB
Returns: AL    0    if file created without error (and FCB is filled)
0ffH if error (file could not be created/opened)
Info: The file specified by the unopened FCB is created on the drive
specified in the FCB (0=default, 1=A, etc.)  It is opened in the
current DOS default directory for that drive.

The FCB is filled as with DOS Fn 0fH Open FCB.

If the file existed before this call, its directory entry is
reused and the file length is set to 0.

Notes:   Handle-oriented functions of DOS 2.0+ are MUCH easier to use.

See Also: Fn 3ch (create file)
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DOS Fn 16H: Create File via FCB