Compatibility: 1.0+
Expects: AH    0fH
DS:DX address of an unopened FCB
Returns: AL    0     if file opened without error (and FCB is updated)
0ffH  if error occurred and file could not be opened
Info: The file specified by the unopened FCB must already exist in the
default directory on the drive specified in the FCB (0=default,
1=A, 2=B, etc).  If not found, AL=0ffH upon return.

The file is opened in compatibility Access Mode.

In the FCB, if the bDrvID field is 0 before the call, it is
filled with the drive number of the default disk (1=A, 2=B,

The FCB curBlk field is set to 0.
The FCB recSize field is set to 80H.
The FCB file size and date are set from info in the directory

Notes:   As with all FCB functions, this works only for files in the
current directory.
  The handle-oriented functions are MUCH easier to use.

See Also: DOS fn 3dh (open file via handle)
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DOS Fn 0fH: Open File via FCB