DIV              Divide, Unsigned                    Flags: O D I T S Z A P C
?       ? ? ? ? ?
DIV source

Logic:    AL   AX / source                ; Source is byte
AH   remainder
AX   DX:AX / source             ; Source is word
DX   remainder

This instruction performs unsigned division. If the source is a byte,
DIV divides the word value in AX by source, returning the quotient in
AL and the remainder in AH. If the source is a word, DIV divides the
double-word value in DX:AX by the source, returning the quotient in AX
and the remainder in DX.

Operands                  Clocks   Transfers  Bytes   Example
reg8                       0-90        -        2     DIV BL
reg16                     4-162        -        2     DIV BX
mem8                   (86-96) + EA    1       2-4    DIV VYUP
mem16                 (154-172) + EA   1       2-4    DIV NCONQUER[SI]

Notes:         If the result is too large to fit in the destination
(AL or AX), an INT 0 (Divide by Zero) is generated,
and the quotient and remainder are undefined.

When an Interrupt 0 (Divide by Zero) is generated,
the saved CS:IP value on the 80286 and 80386 points
to the instruction that failed (the DIV
instruction).  On the 8088/8086, however, CS:IP
points to the instruction following the failed DIV

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DIV Divide, Unsigned