DB               Define Byte                                   MASM Directive

[name]    DB        initialvalue,,,

Allocates and initializes one or more bytes (8 bits) of storage.  The
initialvalue argument may be any of the following:

*     integer (i.e.  12)
*     string  (i.e.  'message')
*     constant expression (i.e.  2 * 5)
*     DUP operator (i.e. 10 DUP (?))
*     question mark (?) (i.e. 0,1,?,2)

Notes:     The optional name argument causes the assembler to
create a variable whose offset value is equal to the
current location counter.  The variable will be of type

The ? causes the assembler to leave the initial value
undefined.  To specify more than 1 initial value,
separate them with commas.

An initial string value may be of any length, provided
it fits on one line. String variables are stored with
the first character at a lower memory address than the
last character.

See also: DW
See also: DD
See also: DQ
See also: DT
See also: DUP

DB Define Byte