In XVIEW.INI, a line beginning with colors= may appear in each [section].
It identifies the colors for the viewer to use on the various parts of the
xView window when the specified database is active.

Note: The normal way to change this line is to choose Custom Colors
from the Configure/Colors menu and then choose Save Setup from

However, the "Set colors" dialog does not provide complete
control over all parts of the screen.  Some additional color
variations are available if you choose to hack away in hex.
Here's the byte-by-byte layout of the colors= line:

colors=  (note: must be all on one line)
1 normal                                                                  
2 hyperlink                                                               
3 reverse/crsr                                                            
4 -- highlight #1                                                         
5       highlight #2                                                      
6          highlight #3                                                   
7             highlight #4                                                
8                highlight #5                                             
9                   highlight #6                                          
10                       page title                                       
11                               frame                                    
12                              scrollbar                                 
13                           scrollbar thumb                              
14                                   button bar                           
15                                button separator                        
16                               button hot character                     
17                                 menubar/menu interior                  
18                                       menu hot character               
19                                              menu separator            
20                                             disabled menu item         
21                                                       menu cursor      
22                                                   window drop shadow   
23-24                                                   reserved; not used

Use information from the Screen Attributes topic or the Color Table to
formulate values for each xx that you wish to change.

- -

Colors= Line Layout