AAM              ASCII Adjust after Multiply         Flags: O D I T S Z A P C
?       * * ? * ?

Logic:    AH   AL / 10
AL   AL MOD 10

This instruction corrects the result of a previous multiplication of
two valid unpacked BCD operands. A valid 2-digit unpacked BCD number
is taken from AX, the adjustment is performed, and the result is
returned to AX. The high-order nibbles of the operands that were
multiplied must have been 0 for this instruction to produce a correct

Operands                  Clocks   Transfers  Bytes   Example
no operands                 83         -        1     AAM

Note:          Unpacked BCD stores one digit per byte; AH contains
the most-significant digit and AL the least-
significant digit.

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AAM ASCII Adjust after Multiply