Function 5F04h (95-4)    Cancel Redirection                           DOS 3.1

Cancels a previously established network redirection.

On entry:      AH         5Fh
AL         04h
DS:SI      Pointer to an ASCIIZ string specifying either
the local device to cancel or its associated
network name.

Returns:       AX         Error code   If CF is set


This function undoes a previously established network redirection
link. DS:SI points to the name of the link to cancel, and it may
contain a printer name (PRN, LPT1, LPT2, or LPT3), a drive designator,
or the network name (in the last case, the ASCIIZ string should be
followed by a second ASCIIZ string giving the password associated with
the link).

See also: 5F02h
See also: 5F03h
See also: 59h

5F04h (95-4) Cancel Redirection >= DOS 3.1