Function 5E03h (94-3)    Get Printer Setup                            DOS 3.1

Reads the setup string currently being used for files printed on a
network printer.

On entry:      AH         5Eh
AL         03h
BX         Redirection list index
ES:DI      Pointer to 64-byte memory buffer

Returns:       CX         Length of setup string
ES:DI      Pointer to memory buffer containing returned
setup string
AX         Error code, if CF is set

Error codes:   1          Network not loaded

Call Function 59h for extended error code information.


This function returns the local user's printer setup string for a
shared printer, which was set via function FE02h.

Notes:         This function is called with a redirection list
index in BX; this index value may be determined by
calling of function 5F02h (Get Redirection List

The setup string will not be longer than 64 bytes.

This function is available only in DOS version 3.1
and later, and requires that the IBM PC Network or
Microsoft Networks program be running.

Important:     Since the redirection index value may change between
the time the redirection list is scanned and this
function call is issued, you should call this
function immediately after calling Function 5F02h,
Get Redirection List Entry. (A call to function
5F03h (Redirect Device) or 5F04h (Cancel
Redirection) could cause the redirection list entry
to change.)

See also: 5E02h
See also: 5F02h
See also: 5F03h
See also: 5F04h
See also: 59h

5E03h (94-3) Get Printer Setup >= DOS 3.1