Function 5E00h (94-0)    Get Machine Name                             DOS 3.1

On systems equipped with IBM PC Network or Microsoft Networks, returns
the ASCIIZ name of the local computer.

On entry:      AH         5Eh
AL         00h
DS:DX      Pointer to a memory buffer (16 bytes) where
computer name will be returned

Returns:       CH         0        name not defined
not 0    name is defined
CL         NETBIOS name number (if CH not 0)
DS:DX      Pointer to computer name (ASCIIZ string)
AX         Error code, if CF is set

Error codes:   1          Network not loaded


This subfunction of 5Eh returns an ASCIIZ string containing the text
of the local computer name. The string is padded with spaces to a
length of 15 characters.

Notes:         If the name has never been defined, CH returns 00h
and CL is undefined. Otherwise, CL returns the
NETBIOS name number.

This function is available only in DOS version 3.1
and later, and requires that the IBM PC Network or
Microsoft Networks program be running.

See also: 59h

5E00h (94-0) Get Machine Name >= DOS 3.1