Function 4401h (68-1)    IOCTL: Set Device Information

Sets device information.

On entry:      AH         44h
AL         01h
BX         Device handle
DH         00h
DL         Device information

Returns:       AX         Error code, if CF is set


Subfunction 01h sets device information for character devices, using
the following encoding scheme in DX:

 Bit         Description
0          Set if standard console input device
1          Set if standard console output device
2          Set if this is a null device
3          Set if the device is a clock
4          Reserved
5          Set for binary mode, 0 for ASCII mode
6          0 if end of file (EOF) on input
7          Set to indicate a device (and not a file)
8-14         Must be 0

Note:          This subfunction is not supported for disk files.

See also: 44h

4401h (68-1) IOCTL: Set Device Information