INT 2F - F-PROT v1.x only - F-LOCK.EXE
AX = 4653h
CX = 0002h
BX = subfunction
0000h  installation check
Return: AX = FFFFh
0001h  uninstall
Return: AX,BX,ES destroyed
0002h  disable (v1.08 and below only)
0003h  enable (v1.08 and below only)
Note:   F-LOCK is part of the F-PROT virus/trojan protection package by Fridrik
SeeAlso: AX=CA00h,INT 21/AX=4BEEh

See also: 2F4653

2F4653CX0002 - F-PROT v1.x only - F-LOCK.EXE