AX = 170Ah
DX = GDI information index
00h device driver version
02h device classification
04h width in mm
06h height in mm
08h width in pixels
0Ah height in pixels
0Ch bits per pixel
0Eh number of bit planes
10h number of brushes supported by device
12h number of pens supported by device
14h number of markers supported by device
16h number of fonts supported by device
18h number of colors
1Ah size required for device descriptor
1Ch curve capabilities
1Eh line capabilities
20h polygon capabilities
22h text capabilities
24h clipping capabilities
26h bitblt capabilities
28h X aspect
2Ah Y aspect
2Ch length of hypotenuse of aspect
58h logical pixels per inch of width
5Ah logical pixels per inch of height
Return:  AX = integer value of the desired item
device classification
00h vector plotter
01h raster display
02h raster printer
03h raster camera
04h character-stream, PLP
05h Metafile, VDM
06h display-file
curve capabilities
bit 0  circles
bit 1  pie wedges
bit 2  chord arcs
bit 3  ellipses
bit 4  wide lines
bit 5  styled lines
bit 6  wide styled lines
bit 7  interiors
line capabilities
bit 1  polylines
bit 2  markers
bit 3  polymarkers
bit 4  wide lines
bit 5  styled lines
bit 6  wide styled lines
bit 7  interiors
polygon capabilities
bit 0  polygons
bit 1  rectangles
bit 2  trapezoids
bit 3  scanlines
bit 4  wide borders
bit 5  styled borders
bit 6  wide styled borders
bit 7  interiors
text capabilities
bit 0  output precision character
bit 1  output precision stroke
bit 2  clippping precision stroke
bit 3  90-degree character rotation
bit 4  arbitrary character rotation
bit 5  independent X and Y scaling
bit 6  double-size
bit 7  integer scaling
bit 8  continuous scaling
bit 9  bold
bit 10 italic
bit 11 underline
bit 12 strikeout
bit 13 raster fonts
bit 14 vector fonts
bit 15 reserved
clipping capabilities
00h none
01h clipping to rectangles
raster capabilities
bit 0  simple bitBLT
bit 1  device requires banding support
bit 2  device requires scaling support
bit 3  supports >64K bitmap
Note:  This function returns the device-capability bits for the given display