Function 2Eh (46)        Set or Reset VERIFY Switch

Turns the disk verify operation on or off.

On entry:      AH         2Eh
AL         00h       to turn VERIFY off
01h       to turn VERIFY on
DL         00h

Returns:       Nothing


Function 2Eh turns the DOS VERIFY switch on or off. If VERIFY is on,
DOS reads the CRC (cyclic redundancy check) bytes of the just-written
data, and verifies that they are correct. Note that setting the VERIFY
switch ON does NOT cause a read-after-write verification of data
copied to the disk, only a verification of the CRC bytes.

Notes:         In DOS 1 and 2 only, DL must be set to 0 before this
function is called.

Network disks do not support the verification

Use Function 54h (Get Verify Setting) to determine
the current state of the VERIFY switch.

See also: 54h

2Eh (46) Set or Reset VERIFY Switch