Function 2Ch (44)        Get System Time

Reports the current system time of day.

On entry:      AH         2Ch

Returns:       CH         Hour (0 - 23)
CL         Minutes (0 - 59)
DH         Seconds (0 - 59)
DL         Hundredths of a second (0 - 99)


Function 2Ch reports the time of day as calculated from the ROM-BIOS
clock-tick count.

Notes:         This Function has a complementary register format to
that of Function 2Dh, Set System Time.

On most systems, the hundreths field will only be
accurate to within 1/18.2 seconds rather than 1/100

In some systems in which the real-time clock does
not track hundredths of a second, the value in DL
may be unpredictable.

See also: 2Ah
See also: 2Bh
See also: 2Dh

2Ch (44) Get System Time