Function 2Ah (42)        Get System Date

Reports the current system date, including the day of the week.

On entry:      AH         2Ah

Returns:       AL         Day of the week (0 - 6; 0 = Sunday)
CX         Year (1980 - 2099)
DH         Month (1 - 12)
DL         Day (1 - 31)


Notes:         The DOS 2.00 and 2.10 manuals state that Function
2Ch returns the day of the week in AL. That is
incorrect: This function, not Function 2Ch, returns
the day of the week.

Note the similarity between the registers returned
for this function, and the register setup of
Function 2Bh, Set System Date.

See also: 2Bh
See also: 2Ch
See also: 2Dh

2Ah (42) Get System Date