Function 26h (38)        Create Program Segment

Creates a new Program Segment Prefix (PSP).

On entry:      AH         26h
DX         Segment address of new PSP
CS:0       PSP to copy information from

Returns:       Nothing


This function creates a new Program Segment Prefix (PSP), in order to
prepare a separately loaded subprogram (i.e., overlay), for execution.
The PSP at the start of the current program's code segment is copied
into the first 256 bytes of the new segment specified in DX. The new
PSP is updated with the current Int 22h, Int 23h, and Int 24 interrupt
handlers. Memory size information at location 06h of the new PSP is
updated to reflect available memory.

Notes:         This function has been superseded by the EXEC
function (Function 4Bh) in versions 2.0 and later of
DOS; this function should not be used.

See also: 4Bh
See also: PSP

26h (38) Create Program Segment