Function 23h (35)        Get File Size, Using FCBs

Returns the number of records in a file.

On entry:      AH         23h
DS:DX      Pointer to an unopened FCB

Returns:       AL         00h      If matching file found
FFh      If no matching file found


This function reports the size of a file as a number of records
(rounded up). The number of records is returned in the random-record
field (offset 21h) of the FCB.

Notes:         Before calling, you must set the record-size field
(offset 0Eh) in the FCB. To determine the size of
the file in bytes, set the record-size field to 1.

To determine a file's size using the new-style
handle functions, use LSEEK (function 42h) to seek
to the end of the file.

See also: 42h
See also: FCB

23h (35) Get File Size, Using FCBs