AH = E3h
DS:SI -> request buffer (see below)
ES:DI -> reply buffer (see below)
Return: AL = status
00h successful
else error code
Note:   supported by NetWare 4.0+, Advanced NetWare 1.0+, and Alloy NTNX
SeeAlso: AH=E3h/SF=32h,AH=E3h/SF=64h,AH=E3h/SF=C8h

Format of request buffer:
Offset  Size    Description
00h    WORD    length of following data
02h    BYTE    subfunction number
00h login
01h change password
02h map user to station set
03h map object to number
04h map number to object
05h get station's logged information
06h get station's root mask (obsolete)
07h map group name to number
08h map number to group name
09h get memberset M of group G
var     depends on subfunction
Notes:  the above subfunctions are not described in _NetWare_System_Calls--DOS_
see separate entries below for other subfunctions

Format of reply buffer:
Offset  Size    Description
00h    WORD    (call) length of following buffer space for results
var     depends on subfunction

Format of object property:
Offset  Size    Description
00h 1-16 BYTEs property name
N     BYTE    flags
bit 0: property is dynamic
bit 1: property is a set rather than an item
N+1    BYTE    security levels (see below)

Names of well-known properties:
IDENTIFICATION         user's name

Values for security levels:
00h    "anyone" everyone may access
01h    "logged" only logged-in clients may access
02h    "object" only clients logged-in with object's name, type, and password
03h    "supervisor" only clients logged-in with supervisor privileges
04h    "NetWare" only NetWare may access
Note:   the above values are stored in a nybble; the high half-byte is write
access and the low half-byte is read access

Values for object type:
0000h  unknown
0001h  user
0002h  user group
0003h  print queue
0004h  file server
0005h  job server
0006h  gateway
0007h  print server
0008h  archive queue
0009h  archive server
000Ah  job queue
000Bh  administration
0026h  remote bridge server
0047h  advertising print server
0048h-8000h reserved
FFFFh  wild (used only for finding objects)

See also: 21E3

21E3 - Novell NetWare - CONNECTION CONTROL