AX = 5FA0h
BX = queue entry index (0000h is first entry)
DS:SI -> buffer for queue entry (see below)
ES:DI -> ASCIZ server name in form "\\name"
Return: CF clear if successful
CF set on error
AX = error code
BX = entry index for next queue entry (BX-1 is current index)
SeeAlso: AX=5FA2h

Format of queue entry:
Offset  Size    Description
00h    BYTE    status of entry
00h empty
01h being updated
02h being held
03h waiting for despool
04h being despooled
05h canceled
06h spooled file could not be accessed
07h destination could not be accessed
08h rush job
01h    DWORD   size of spooled file
05h    BYTE    type of entry
00h printer queue file
01h message
02h local file
03h remote file
04h to remote modem
05h batch processor file
06h    BYTE    output control
bit 6: don't delete (for mail)
bit 5: mail file contains voice mail (v3+)
bit 4: mail message has been read
bit 3: response has been requested for this mail
07h    WORD    number of copies
09h    DWORD   sequence number of queue entry
0Dh 48 BYTEs   pathname of spooled file
3Dh 16 BYTEs   user who spooled file
4Dh 16 BYTEs   name of machine from which file was spooled
5Dh    WORD    date file was spooled (see AX=5700h)
5Fh    WORD    time file was spooled (see AX=5700h)
61h 17 BYTEs   ASCIZ destination device or user name
72h 48 BYTEs   comment field

See also: 215FA1

215FA0 - LANtastic - GET QUEUE ENTRY