INT 21 U - DOS 3.1+ internal - SERVER FUNCTION CALL
AX = 5D00h
DS:DX -> DOS parameter list (see below)
DPL contains all register values for a call to INT 21h
Return: as appropriate for function being called
Notes:  does not check AH.  Out of range values will crash the system
executes using specified computer ID and process ID
sharing delay loops skipped
a special sharing mode is enabled
wildcards are enabled for DELETE (AH=41h) and RENAME (AH=56h)
an extra file attribute parameter is enabled for OPEN (AH=3Dh),
DELETE (AH=41h), and RENAME (AH=56h)
functions which take filenames require canonical names (as returned
by AH=60h); this is apparently to prevent multi-hop file forwarding
SeeAlso: AH=41h,AH=56h,AH=60h

Format of DOS parameter list:
Offset  Size    Description
00h    WORD    AX
02h    WORD    BX
04h    WORD    CX
06h    WORD    DX
08h    WORD    SI
0Ah    WORD    DI
0Ch    WORD    DS
0Eh    WORD    ES
10h    WORD    reserved (0)
12h    WORD    computer ID (0 = current system)
14h    WORD    process ID (PSP segment on specified computer)

See also: 213D

215D00 - DOS 3.1+ internal - SERVER FUNCTION CALL