INT 1A - Disk Spool II v1.83 - FUNCTION CALLS
AH = ADh
AL = function code
02h enable spooler only
03h enable the despooler
04h disable the despooler
08h inhibit popup menu
09h enable popup menu
0Ah ???
0Bh disable the spooler
0Ch start despooler after last successfully printed document???
0Dh start despooler at the exact point where it last left off???
0Eh pop up the menu
0Fh ???
11h ???
14h ???
15h ???
16h ???
17h ???
18h ???
19h ???
20h clear file pointed to by the despooler???
21h ???
22h ???
23h ???
30h ???
Return: AH = 00h if successful

See also: 1AAB

1AAD - Disk Spool II v1.83 - FUNCTION CALLS