Function 17h (23)        Rename File, using FCBs

Changes all matching occurrences of the first filename in the current
directory to the second filename.

On entry:      AH         17h
DS:DX      Pointer to an FCB that has been modified to
contain two filenames.

Returns:       AL         00h       If operation is successful
FFh       If operation is unsuccessful

Network:       Requires Create access rights


This function renames files via a modified FCB that contains the drive
code and original filename in their usual positions, and has a new
filename beginning six bytes after the original filename (at offset
11h in the FCB).

Notes:         The '?' wildcard character may appear in either the
first filename or the second filename. A '?'
character in the first filename has the conventional
meaning: it is used to find files that match this

A '?' in the second filename has a different effect:
It means don't change the corresponding character in
matching filenames.

This function will not rename a file to that of an
already existing filename; in that event, the
function will terminate, returning FFh in AL.

Read-only files are not renamed by this function.

See also: 56h
See also: FCB

17h (23) Rename File, using FCBs