Function 16h (22)        Create File, using FCBs

Creates and opens a new file, or opens an existing file and truncates
it to zero length.

On entry:      AH         16h
DS:DX      Pointer to an unopened FCB

Returns:       AL         00h       If file created
FFh       If file not created

Network:       Requires Create access rights


Notes:         You can assign special attributes to the file by
means of an Extended FCB.

The file opened is assigned a length of 0 bytes.
Therefore, this function is generally used to open
an output file, while function 0Fh is used to open
an input file.

This function is a holdover from DOS 1.0.  It is
preferable to use the new style functions like 3Ch
to create a file.

See also: 0Fh
See also: 3Ch
See also: 5Ah
See also: 5Bh
See also: FCB

16h (22) Create File, using FCBs