AH = 12h
BH = 0Ch
BL = object
00h handle is DWORD on top of stack
window:   fill with given character from scroll origin to end
keyboard: attach to a window
timer:    open
pointer:  start taking input for window
panel:    associate with a panel file
01h fill task's default window with given char from scrl org to end
02h open given task's mailbox for input (task's handle on stack)
03h open current task's mailbox
04h attach a KEYBOARD to a window (handle on top of stack)
05h attach task's default KEYBOARD to a window
06h open a task's OBJECTQ (task's handle on top of stack)
07h open current task's OBJECTQ
0Ch (DV 2.26+) fill def window of task owning handle on top of stck
0Dh (DV 2.26+) fill default window of parent of current task
STACK: (if window)   DWORD character to fill with
(if keyboard) DWORD handle of window to attach to
(if pointer)  DWORD handle of window to attach to
(if panel)    DWORD length of filename or resident panel
DWORD address of filename or resident panel
(otherwise)   nothing
Notes:  if first byte of panel file name is 1Bh, then the "name" IS a panel
if first two bytes of panel file "name" are C0hC3h, then the "name" IS
the panel file
result code of open may be retrieved with STATUS message
logical cursor is left at scroll origin after filling window
the task opening a mailbox becomes its owner, and the only task allowed
to read the mailbox
messages are only sent to a pointer object when the mouse is positioned
in the window to which the pointer has been attached
there is no need to explicitly open a timer object, as ADDTO and WRITE
messages automatically open the timer
SeeAlso: AH=12h/BH=14h"LOCK"

See also: 1512