INT 14 - Digiboard DigiCHANNEL PC/X* - CCB COMMAND
AH = 16h
AL = CCB command number (see below)
BL = byte 2
BH = byte 3
CL = byte 1 (for all channel functions except 4Eh and 4Fh)
DX = port number (00h-03h) (04h-43h for XAPCM232.SYS)
Return: AH = status
00h successful
FFh error

Values for CCB command number:
40h Set Receive Mid Water Mark
41h Set Receive High Water Mark
42h Flush Receive Buffer
43h Flush Transmit Buffer
44h Transmit Pause
45h Transmit Resume
46h Set Interrupt to Host Mask
47h Set Baud, Data, Stop and Parity
48h Send Break
49h Set Modem Lines
4Ah Set Break Count
4Bh Set Handshake
4Ch Set Xon/Xoff Characters
4Dh Set Transmit Mid Water Mark
4Eh IRQ Polling Timer to Host
4Fh Buffer Set All
50h Port On
51h Port Off
52h Receive Pause
53h Special Character Interrupt
54h RS-422 Enable

See also: 1418

1416 - Digiboard DigiCHANNEL PC/X* - CCB COMMAND