Function 12h (18)        Search for Next Matching File, using FCBs

Searches the current directory for next matching filename, following a
Function 11h call or a previous Function 12h call.

On entry:      AH         12h
DS:DX      Pointer to the unopened FCB specified in
a previous Function 11h or Function 12h

Returns:       AL         00h       If another match found
FFh       If no match found


Warning:       The information needed by Function 12h is destroyed
by any operation on the file using the FCB created
via Function 11h. Therefore, if you want to search
for several files and also do I/O on them, you must
save the search information that is stored in the

See also: 11h
See also: 4Eh
See also: 4Fh
See also: FCB

12h (18) Search for Next Matching File, Using FCBs