INT 10 - EGA Register Interface Library - READ REGISTER SET
AH = F4h
CX = number of registers to read (>1)
ES:BX -> table of records (see below)
Return: register values in table filled in
Note:   the RIL is provided by EGA.SYS, the Microsoft Mouse driver, the OS/2
compatibility box, and others
SeeAlso: AH=F2h,AH=F5h

Format of entries in table of register records:
Offset  Size    Description
00h    WORD    group index
Pointer/data chips
00h CRTC (3B4h mono modes, 3D4h color modes)
08h Sequencer 3C4h
10h Graphics Controller 3CEh
18h Attribute Controller 3C0h
Single registers
20h Miscellaneous Output register 3C2h
28h Feature Control register (3BAh mono modes, 3DAh color)
30h Graphics 1 Position register 3CCh
38h Graphics 2 Position register 3CAh
02h    BYTE    register number (0 for single registers)
03h    BYTE    register value

See also: 10F0

10F4 - EGA Register Interface Library - READ REGISTER SET