INT 10 - Everex Extended Video BIOS - GET SUPPORTED MODE INFO
AX = 7000h
BX = 0005h
CL = maximum number of modes to get info for
CH = mode type to get info for (see below)
DL = monitor type to get info for
ES:DI -> buffer for mode info (see below)
Return: CL = total number of modes fitting criteria
CH = size of each info record
SeeAlso: AX=7000h/BX=0004h

Values for mode type:
00h all modes
01h monochrome text modes
02h color text modes
03h four-color CGA graphics modes
04h two-color CGA graphics modes
05h 16-color graphics modes
06h 256-color graphics modes

Format of mode information record:
Offset  Size    Description
00h    BYTE    mode number (bit 7 set if extended mode)
01h    BYTE    mode type (see above)
02h    BYTE    info bits
bits 7,6 reserved
5   monochrome mode
4   interlaced display
3   requires special oscillator
2,1 memory required
00 = 256K
01 = 512K
10 = 1024K
11 = 2048K
0   reserved
03h    BYTE    font height
04h    BYTE    text columns on screen
05h    BYTE    text rows on screen
06h    WORD    number of scan lines
08h    BYTE    color information
bits 7-4 reserved
3-0 bits per pixel

See also: 107000

107000BX0005 - Everex Extended Video BIOS - GET SUPPORTED MODE INFO