INT 10 - FRIEZE v7.0+ - API
AH = 4Bh
CL = function
00h reserved
01h load window
ES:BX -> ASCIZ filename from which to read
02h save window
ES:BX -> ASCIZ filename to which to write
03h (v7.41) set ???
AL = ???
04h (v7.41) set ???
AL = ???
06h (v7.41) ???
AL = ???
07h set window size
ES:BX -> four-WORD structure with Xmin, Ymin, Xmax, Ymax
09h set patterns
ES:BX -> 16-BYTE vector of screen->printer color correspondnces
0Ah get patterns
ES:BX -> 16-BYTE buffer for color correspondences
0Bh set mode
AL = mode
0Ch (v7.41) ???
AL = ???
00h ??? (calls original INT 05)
else ???
0Dh (v7.41) ???
AL = ???
00h ??? (calls original INT 05)
else ???
0Eh (v7.41) ???
0Fh get window
ES:BX -> four-WORD buffer for Xmin, Ymin, Xmax, Ymax
10h set print options
ES:BX -> printer options in same format as FRIEZE cmdline
11h (v7.41) ???
12h (v7.41) ???
13h (v7.41) ???
14h get version
Return: AH = major version (00h if FRIEZE version before 7)
AL = minor version
15h set parameters
ES:BX -> parameter table (see below)
16h get parameters
ES:BX -> buffer for parameter table (see below)
17h get printer resolution
ES:BX -> 12-WORD table for six horizontal/vertical resol pairs
18h reserved (v8.0 only)
50h (v7.41) get ???
Return: AX = ???
51h (v7.41) get ???
Return: ES = ??? (seen 2348h)
AX = ??? (seen 8432h)
Return: AX = status
00h successful
01h user aborted printout with ESC
02h reserved
03h file read error
04h file write error
05h file not found
06h invalid header (not an image or wrong screen mode)
07h file close error
08h disk error
09h printer error
0Ah invalid function
0Bh can't create file
0Ch wrong video mode

Format of parameter table:
Offset  Size    Description
00h    WORD    top margin (1/100 inch)
02h    WORD    left margin (1/100 inch)
04h    WORD    horizontal size (1/100 inch)
06h    WORD    vertical size (1/100 inch)
08h    WORD    quality/draft mode
00h draft mode
01h quality mode
02h use horizontal/vertical resolution for output resolution
0Ah    WORD    printer horizontal resolution (dots per inch)
0Ch    WORD    printer vertical resolution (dots per inch)
0Eh    WORD    reserved (FFFFh)
Note:   any field which should remain unchanged may be filled with FFFFh

See also: 100F

104B - FRIEZE v7.0+ - API