INT 10 - VIDEO - WRITE STRING (AT and later,EGA)
AH = 13h
AL = write mode
bit 0: update cursor after writing
1: string contains alternating characters and attributes
BH = page number
BL = attribute if string contains only characters
CX = number of characters in string
DH,DL = row,column at which to start writing
ES:BP -> string to write
Notes:  recognizes CR, LF, BS, and bell
also available PC or XT with EGA or higher
HP 95LX only supports write mode 00h
BUG:    on the IBM VGA Adapter, any scrolling which may occur is performed on
the active page rather than the requested page
SeeAlso: AH=0Ah

See also: 1009

1013 - VIDEO - WRITE STRING (AT and later,EGA)